(National Sentinel) Lawyer Up: Former New York City mayor and federal prosecutor Rudy Giuliani, who recently joined President Donald J. Trump’s legal team, told Fox News‘ Sean Hannity Wednesday evening he thinks fired FBI Director James Comey should be indicted for leaking classified information.

Giuliani’s statement is the most damning yet from a high-profile figure on the Trump legal staff and, because of his former status as an ace prosecutor on one of the most powerful U.S. district courts in the country, gives his allegation instant legitimacy.

Referring to Comey as “a disgraceful liar,” he also said special counsel Robert Mueller’s “witch hunt” investigation — which is based on false pretenses (the bogus ‘Russia dossier’) — should come to an end in the interest of justice.

“There’s been too much government misconduct,” Giuliani said, adding that Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein ought to end the Mueller probe. “The crimes now have all been committed by the government and their agents.”

“I have never, ever… leaked a damn thing,” said Giuliani, referring to his time as a U.S. Attorney. “I would have considered resigning if I ever did that.”

Comey — fired by Trump in May 2017 — has admitted giving memos about conversations he had with the president, which are automatically protected conversations, to at least three people, including members of his own legal team.

In interviews, Comey has claimed that the memos were his personal documents, not government property, though critics say he’s parsing the definition of ‘personal’ and ‘government,’ since he wrote them in his official capacity as FBI director.

As Fox News reported, Giuliani said that Trump had dismissed Comey because “Comey would not, among other things, say that [Trump] wasn’t a target of the [Russia] investigation. He’s entitled to that. Hillary Clinton got that [during the email investigation.] And he couldn’t get that.

“You can’t blame the president for feeling, ‘I am not being treated the same way [Clinton was],” Giuliani added.

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