Done: Facebook to eliminate ALL conservative media outlets from news feeds

(National SentinelLack of Diversity: Facebook will begin ranking news organizations by “trust” in the social media giant’s alleged effort to rid its high-value news feeds of “controversial” content — which, in effect, means conservative voices, according to critics.

As reported by Buzzfeed:

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said Tuesday that the company has already begun to implement a system that ranks news organizations based on trustworthiness, and promotes or suppresses its content based on that metric.

Zuckerberg said the company has gathered data on how consumers perceive news brands by asking them to identify whether they have heard of various publications and if they trust them.

“We put [that data] into the system, and it is acting as a boost or a suppression, and we’re going to dial up the intensity of that over time,” he said. “We feel like we have a responsibility to further [break] down polarization and find common ground.”

In recent days Zuckerberg met with representatives from what can only be described as “establishment” media outlets: BuzzFeed News, the Information, Quartz, the New York Times, CNN, the Wall Street Journal, NBC, Recode, Univision, Barron’s, the Daily Beast, the Economist, HuffPost, Insider, the Atlantic, the New York Post, and others.

Only two of those listed — the NY Post and the Wall Street Journal — can even be considered “Right-leaning,” and even then only on their op-ed pages.

More from a player at the table, Buzzfeed News:

Zuckerberg said the company will invest “billions” of dollars in a combination of artificial intelligence and tens of thousands of human moderators to keep both fake news and deliberate propaganda at bay, especially in elections.

The Facebook founder went onto say the company will “lose money” in the effort but it’s being done to ensure that no more “fake news” and “Russian” trolls like those that allegedly influenced so many users in the 2016 election to vote for Donald J. Trump won’t be unduly influenced again.

Problem is, say critics, by Facebook’s own admission the number of Russian political ads was infinitesimal by comparison to those run by legitimate political candidates.

Few conservative outlets are buying Zuckerberg’s explanation.

“Facebook is determined to shut out conservative pro-Trump voices,” states The Gateway Pundit, one of the sites (like ours) that is likely to be targeted. “Where the hell is the GOP?”

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  1. He is just a puppet for NWO.

  2. The very site of that baby-faced creep puts a chill up my spine. Such EVIL !! As Walter E. Kurtz said in Apocalypse Now . . . “Perfect, genuine, complete, crystalline, pure.”

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