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Sure, Trump SHOULD sit down with special counsel Mueller, but only under THESE conditions


(National SentinelLegal Trap: On Tuesday The New York Times published a story regarding — allegedly — a set of questions special counsel Robert Mueller wants to ask President Donald J. Trump if he can ever get the president to sit down for an interview.

As Fox News reports, the leak was the “latest” in a “string” of purposeful disclosures regarding the ongoing ‘witch hunt’ investigation in which there appears to be no end, no limits, and no evidence or reason to continue. Yet it does.

In describing the questions (which you can read here), the Times notes:

The open-ended queries appear to be an attempt to penetrate the president’s thinking, to get at the motivation behind some of his most combative Twitter posts and to examine his relationships with his family and his closest advisers. They deal chiefly with the president’s high-profile firings of the F.B.I. director and his first national security adviser, his treatment of Attorney General Jeff Sessions and a 2016 Trump Tower meeting between campaign officials and Russians offering dirt on Hillary Clinton.

But they also touch on the president’s businesses; any discussions with his longtime personal lawyer, Michael D. Cohen, about a Moscow real estate deal; whether the president knew of any attempt by Mr. Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, to set up a back channel to Russia during the transition; any contacts he had with Roger J. Stone Jr., a longtime adviser who claimed to have inside information about Democratic email hackings; and what happened during Mr. Trump’s 2013 trip to Moscow for the Miss Universe pageant.

Based on a reading of the questions a couple of things have become apparent: 1) Mueller hasn’t found anything on “Trump-Russia collusion;” and 2) He seeks to entrap the president into making a false or conflicting statement he can later use as “evidence” or “proof” that Trump is unfit, guilty of something, and thus impeachable.

But should the president actually sit down to be deposed by Mueller? Sure, but only under the following conditions, each of which were afforded to Hillary Clinton when she was under ‘investigation’ for criminal mishandling of classified emails:

— Trump should demand that an exoneration letter is written for him prior to sitting down with Mueller.

— He should demand that several of his closest aides be granted immunity before speaking.

— Those aides should also be considered “lawyers” so that anything they say during the sit-down is protected by attorney-client privilege.

— If there is any evidence of criminal wrongdoing, he should be permitted to destroy it.

— Trump alone should decide what emails and other documents and communications to turn over to Mueller, not the special prosecutor.

— Another exoneration statement should be prepared for release within three days of questioning.

— Mueller should be required to produce the evidence he’s found thus far proving the allegations for his appointment in the first place (Trump-Russia collusion).

— Mueller should also be required to cite which law Trump was alleged to have broken justifying his appointment, as per the special counsel statutes.

— The special counsel should have a pre-determined judgment that Trump is innocent before being questioned or, barring that, that even if Trump did commit a crime, Mueller should be prepared to state that Trump never intended to do so.

Otherwise, the president should pass on this obvious legal trap designed to get Trump on a “process” crime — like “lying to a federal investigator,” which is a charge Mueller could bring simply by choosing to believe someone else instead of the president.

Mueller doesn’t want to talk the president to get his side of the story, to hear his version of events, and then balance them with what other evidence and statements he’s found and received.

He has one job: To help get rid of a president the Deep State doesn’t believe has the ‘right’ to be in the Oval Office.

Trump should not help Mueller get rid of him.

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  1. V.Lombardi // May 2, 2021 at 4:32 am // Reply

    That’s a good list.

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