(National Sentinel) Hoax 2018: Democrats and their allies in the establishment media have been trying to claim in any way possible that because of President Donald J. Trump’s ‘unpopularity’ the party of the donkey will sweep Republicans out of power in November’s midterm elections.

Talk of this “blue wave,” however, is more hype than reality, given the results of a newly released survey.

As reported by The Daily Caller, the poll from Reuters and Ipsos found that Millenial support for Democrats has tanked significantly over the past two years:

The poll surveyed more than 16,000 registered voters from January through March of this year. The data shows that only 49 percent of voters between the ages of 18-34 are likely to support a Democrat, a nearly 10 percent drop from the 2016 iteration of Reuters’ poll.

“Overt” support for the Republican Party was unchanged form 2016, according to the survey. The same amount of younger voters — 39 percent — said they would support a GOP candidate over a Democrats. That represents a 14-percent reduction in support overall for Democrats.

“Additionally, millennials are now almost evenly split on which party has a better economic plan: 34 percent favored Democrats on the issue, while 32 percent favored Republicans. In 2016, Democrats outperformed Republicans on the economic question by 12 points,” The Daily Caller reported.

For months Democrats have been claiming that their party is going to pick up a massive amount of seats in the congressional midterms, in part because the opposition party traditionally does well but also because Trump is supposedly so unpopular.

But as support for Democrats is collapsing, Trump’s approval ratings have been rising, reaching 50 percent in a recent Rassmussen Daily Presidential Tracking Poll.

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