(National Sentinel) Compromised: Sen. Lindsey Graham told Fox Business‘ Maria Bartiromo on Sunday that there should be a special counsel to investigation Obama-era corruption within the Justice Department and FBI.

In addition, the South Carolina Republican slammed fired FBI Director James Comey for his “joke” of an investigation into Hillary Clinton’s mishandling of classified emails.

“We should have a special counsel looking at DOJ corruption, looking at how the [Steele] dossier was given to the court,” Graham said on “Sunday Morning Futures.”

Graham, who is also a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, said Comey was biased against President Donald J. Trump when he handed an unclassified memo to a friend with the specific intent of triggering a special counsel investigation.

Comey told the Senate Intelligence during testimony in the summer of 2017 the intent behind his leak. Graham told Bartiromo that Comey also gave memos to two other people.

“He made a decision … to try to press the system to appoint a special counsel. If that doesn’t show a motivation and a bias against President Trump, I don’t know what would,” Graham said.

He also said he believes Comey was part of a larger “effort at the FBI” to give Clinton “a pass” because they believed she would become the next president.

The FBI had discovered evidence that Clinton criminally mishandled scores of classified emails over an unsecured personal server many believe she set up to avoid government disclosure rules.

“The way they conducted the investigation was a joke, the thumb was on the scale,” Graham said. “The head investigator by the FBI hated Trump, liked Clinton. They were trying to come up with an insurance policy to make sure that Trump didn’t win the election.”

Graham also criticized Comey for his dealings with former Obama Attorney General Loretta Lynch in relation to the Clinton email probe, something the two did not agree on.

Comey, at his Senate testimony in June, told Sen. James Lankford, R-Okla., that Lynch directed him to call the investigation a “matter,” which he said gave him a “queasy feeling.”

The South Carolina Republican also said that Comey has noted that there is classified evidence that, if it were to come out, would destroy Lynch’s credibility.

Because of that alone, Graham — noted he doesn’t trust Comey — said, “These two people need to be brought to Congress, put under oath and resolve this conflict.”

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