(National Sentinel) The Real World: The establishment media is in another tizzy because President Donald J. Trump blew them off again to be with real Americans.

CNN‘s little Brian Stelter, the network’s ‘media analyst,’ whined about it on Saturday, claiming — ridiculously so — that the president’s absence from an event that turned out to be a foul-mouthed, Left-wing hatefest of hypocrisy somehow matters in the great scheme of things.

If that were true the democracy as we know it would have ended last year when Trump essentially flipped off the establishment media press corps and held a rally instead, like he did yesterday. He wrote:

It would be one thing if he skipped the dinner to oversee crisis response or host a community service event. But instead he is counter-programming the dinner by holding a campaign rally in Washington Township, Michigan. If it’s anything like last year’s rally during the dinner, more media attacks are sure to come.

It means the black tie [sic] dinner — billed as a celebration of the First Amendment — will have a slightly different feel.

As one White House correspondent quipped at a Friday evening event, “He’s going to mock us for celebrating ourselves while he’s celebrating himself.”

A couple of things to note here that make it obvious, again, that our president understands the American people far better than the media elite.

First of all, presidents shouldn’t be attending media events like this in the first place. The founders believed a free (and truthful) press was a vital ‘check’ against an all-powerful central government. The press, then, cannot possibly argue in convincing fashion that it is in an unbiased position to hold power to account if members of the media are rubbing elbows with the most powerful figure in the free world.

Secondly, the WHCD is no “celebration of the First Amendment,” it is an opportunity to hob-knob within the corridors of power, period — which is precisely what shouldn’t be happening (see previous paragraph). Any journalist who says otherwise is simply being dishonest.

Lastly, that “White House correspondent” who anonymously quipped, “He’s going to mock us for celebrating ourselves while he’s celebrating himself” — was that really someone else, Brian, or did you just quote yourself? — is yet another indicator of how tone-deaf the American media has become.

Trump wasn’t in Washington Township, Michigan, to “celebrate himself.” Trump was there to celebrate some of the people who voted for him. Trump choosing to do rallies and spend his evening with real Americans rather than a bunch of self-inflated, self-anointed media chumps and “comedians” who mock and deride his staff is evidence the president knows what is really important.

And it’s Trump’s way of reminding the country that he ran for president to represent the people, not to party with a small group of small-minded media types who were going to complain whether Trump showed up or not.

If you’re still wondering why the media has a similar approval rating as an ACLU lawyer and the plague, this is one of the clearest explanations yet.

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