(National Sentinel) Double Standard: Ohio Republican Jim Jordan lambasted serial leaker and fired FBI Director James Comey on Thursday, telling Fox News that he ought to be concerned about the fact that Justice Department investigators may eventually find him legally liable.

In an interview with “Fox & Friends,” Jordan said that Comey and many Deep State Democrats have been favored by a legal double standard.

“This is ridiculous,” Jordan said. “The American people are so fed up with this two standards. One standard for us regular folk and a different standard if your name is Clinton, Comey, Lynch, Lerner. That’s what American people are fed up.”

“The fact that five of the top people. This is what should concern Mr. Comey,” Jordan continued.

“He’s been fired. Andrew McCabe has been fired for lying four times, three times under oath. Jim Baker, former chief counsel has been demoted and reassigned at the FBI,” he continued.

“Peter Strzok, deputy head of counterintelligence, demoted, reassigned. Lisa page, FBI council demoted, reassigned. These are the top people at the FBI. That’s what he should be concerned about,” Jordan said.

He noted further that most Americans believe that his FBI investigation into the Hillary Clinton email scandal was rigged from the outset and that Comey ought to be worried about his involvement in improperly clearing her.

“I would also add the American people thought the fix was in on the Clinton investigation,” Jordan concluded. “But since we got a hold of the Page-Strzok text messages, we know the fix was in. So that’s what should concern James Comey.

“This idea that he’s embarrassed [by the Republican Party] is just ridiculous,” he added.

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