(National Sentinel) Unconstitutional: A federal judge ruled Wednesday that conservative student groups can proceed with a lawsuit against the Unversity of California-Berkeley for violating their First Amendment rights to speak on campus.

U.S. District Judge Maxine Chesney in Oakland ruled that the university’s recent restrictions on speech were brought about by security concerns.

However, she noted further that conservative groups at UC Berkeley nevertheless can proceed with their suit, which says that the restrictions were violations of their right to freedom of speech because they placed unusual restrictions and sky-high security fees on visits by conservative speakers.

The suit is being led by the Berkeley College Republicans who have hosted or attempted to host several high-profile conservatives.

One of them, columnist and author Ann Coulter, canceled her scheduled appearance at the university after officials required the organization to host her during class hours and far from the center of campus, SF Gate reported.

Breitbart News noted further:

The student groups allege that UC Berkeley adopted an unwritten “high-profile speaker” policy that allowed administrators to subjectively determine restrictions for conservative guest speaker events.

The group’s attorney, Harmeet Dhillon, claims that she is satisfied with the judge’s ruling. “It means the case will go forward,” she said.

Much has been written about the issue of a heckler’s veto at UC Berkeley. A heckler’s veto refers to when the government suppresses speech due to a fear of a potential violence from protesters.

Public universities across the country are currently forced to convince their students that restrictions placed on partisan political events are not the result of preemptive intimidation by potential protesters.

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