(National Sentinel) Implausible Deniability The American Pravda media has a playbook for how they cover political outcomes in our country.

Whenever Republicans win, that’s bad for America. Whenever Democrats win, that’s good for America.

And whenever Democrats lose a race they — but not as badly as they thought they might — that, too, is good for Democrats.

The Democratic Party was predicting it would pick up a seat in a Deep Red district in Arizona in a special election held Tuesday, Arizona 8. They didn’t. In her bid to replace Rep. Trent Franks, a Republican who retired from Congress amid scandal, Debbie Lesko beat E.R. doc and open-borders advocate Hiral Tipirneni by 5 points.

Once again the Dem-controlled media polling was as wrong as it was on Election Night 2016.

But nevertheless, there was CNN spinning away, declaring that, even in defeat, Democrats essentially won.

Harry Enten wrote:

CNN has projected that Republicans won the special election in Arizona’s 8th Congressional District, but once again Democrats have overperformed in a deep red district, in another sign the national environment is in … their favor.

In a neutral environment, the margin should be much wider. President Donald Trump won the district by 21 percentage points in 2016 and Mitt Romney won it by 25 percentage points in 2012. Combining those outcomes and controlling for how well Democrats did nationally in each of those contests, we can say that Arizona 8 is 25 points more Republican than the nation. Lesko looks like she’s going to do about 20 percentage points worse than that.

In the era of Trump CNN hasn’t been right about anything, and once again, the network is wrong in its assessment of this contest.

Comparing voter turnout for two races — this special election versus the national presidential election in 2016 — is the most obvious apples-to-oranges comparison anyone can make.

There are different issues, different levels of excitement and energy, and other factors that make it dishonest at best to make this comparison.

Furthermore, as The Daily Caller notes, Enten leaves out the fact that the district Lesko just won only recently turned red:

Former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords held the seat from 2006 until 2012, and her successor in the 2012 special election, Ron Barber, was also a Democrat. The district has changed hands a total of five times in the last 25 years, and only three of the five were Republicans.

And while the margin of victory for former Congressman Trent Franks (first elected in 2012) was much higher in 2015 — over 50 percent — he did not face a Democratic challenger in two of his three elections.

The Pravda media has crowed like a banshee the times a Democrat has unseated a Republican following Trump’s victory, which as been far fewer than times that Republicans have held onto seats.

What’s more, you’ll even catch them using AG Jeff Session’s old seat — which flipped to Democratic Sen. Doug Jones last fall — as an “example” of how awful Trump is…when we all know that the loser in that race, Judge Roy Jones, was mortally wounded thanks to salacious allegations that he, as a young adult, chased teenage girls.

CNN and the rest of the Pravda media are doing what they always do: Attempting to portray Democrats in a much better light than is actually the case. That’s why they report this stuff the way they do.

Rep.-elect Debbie Lesko has become the newest Republican member of the House of Representatives.

There are no prizes — and no seats — for second-place candidates.

There also is no imminently obvious evidence that a “blue wave” is coming in November like the Pravda media wants everyone to think — so you’ll stay home on election day this November figuring there’s no point to voting.

But there is a point to it. There’s always a point to voting.

And in this era, the point is to keep Democrats as far away from the halls of power as possible — which requires you to take everything their media report with much skepticism.

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