(National Sentinel) Pampered Life: Former Veterans Administration chief David Shulkin has been on a media tour since being fired by President Donald J. Trump last May making all kinds of claims about why he was ‘forced out.’

But the reality is, he never fit in Trump’s administration, and he was constantly seeking special treatment, sources told The Daily Caller.

For example, Shulkin sought to use Camp David, the presidential compound in Maryland, as a vacation spot.

Also, according to a senior official, Shulkin sought to “live the high life” as VA administrator, including a push to “bring his wife on a trip with Melania [Trump] but couldn’t do that and had a temper tantrum.”

The Daily Caller noted further:

At a Hannukah party where officials got a plus-one, Shulkin insisted on being able to bring his son in addition to his wife. “He asked so many times that the White House was on the lookout where if his son showed up, security knew not to let him in,” the official said.

“He wanted to be the exception. He would harass people in the White House and say ‘I want to do this,’ and he’d keep asking different people until he found someone who would say yes,’” he continued.

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After being fired by Trump on May 28 in the wake of a damning VA inspector general’s report, Shulkin has been appearing on various media outlets claiming that he was ousted by the president for being a liberal advocate opposed to conservative efforts to “privatize” the VA’s health care services.

“The same media that made Shulkin’s travel an issue before the IG report and pilloried him as a corrupt Trump official for a month following the report now cast him has an icon of the resistance inside a Republican administration,” The DC reported.

A senior Trump administration official said Shulkin’s version of the truth is revisionist history, and that what really happened is classic Trump.

The official said that Shulkin’s firing had very little to do with policy and everything to do with personality. The official said a more truthful version of what happened relates to Trump’s sensitivity to faux pau’s and social standing ignited by a subordinate who always seemed to be a thorn in the president’s side and wanting to be the VIP in the room.

“He’s trying to be a martyr for privatization, but he lost the trust of the president for reasons that weren’t even about policy– it was about him,” the source said.

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