(National Sentinel) Gaslight: South Carolina Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham lambasted fired FBI Director James Comey in an interview late last week, questioning his reliability and character.

In an interview with Fox News‘ Shannon Bream, Graham was asked to give his take, as a lawyer, on Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s recommendation that criminal charges be filed against former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe for repeatedly lying under oath to internal investigators regarding unauthorized leaks to media outlets.

“Well, Mr. Horowitz has a reputation: be fair-minded. He was basically a Democrat, but I think he’s doing a good job,” Graham said.

“The attorneys can say what they would like, but it would bother me greatly if I was Mr. McCabe’s lawyer to have the inspector general say, ‘I believe a crime was committed here.’”

Continuing, Graham said, “Now, Mr. McCabe is presumed innocent until proven otherwise. But I think this is just another example how corrupt the Department of Justice was” during the Obama years.

The senior senator from South Carolina then had this to say about Comey.

“And one thing about Comey, Rudy (Giuliani) was a good choice by President Trump to be on his legal team. But I have been a prosecutor and a defense attorney long before I got into politics. If Jim Comey were my witness, I don’t think I would have a snowball’s chance in hell of convincing anybody that he’s reliable,” Graham added.

The senator also said he doesn’t believe Trump has any intention of firing special counsel Robert Mueller, and that he will emerge from the investigation exonerated.

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