(National Sentinel) Presidential: During a joint press conference with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, President Donald J. Trump took a shot at special counsel Robert Mueller in the wake of an FBI raid against his personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, last week.

A reporter asked the president about Mueller, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, and the ongoing probe into alleged collusion with Moscow during the 2016 election when Trump pointed out that the FBI never took the Democratic National Committee’s email servers for forensic inspection after the party said they’d been hacked.

“There was no collusion. There was no collusion with Russia other than with the Democrats, or as I call them obstructionists because they truly are obstructionists,” Trump said.

“This was a hoax created largely by the Democrats as a way softening the blow of a loss,” he continued before blasting the FBI for its lack of interest in obtaining the DNC’s server that the party said was hacked by Russia.

“The DNC server was never gotten by the FBI. Why didn’t the FBI take it? The FBI takes what they want. They go in and they wouldn’t get the server. This is a hoax,” Trump continued.

At the time, the FBI, then under James Comey, only offered its forensic assistance to the DNC, but the party refused.

Instead, the DNC had a private cybersecurity company, Crowdstrike, examine the server.

As reported by The Washington Times, critics have disputed the firm’s finding that Russia hacked the server, calling the evidence it presented thin.

The Times reported last year that the DNC still had not made the server available to federal investigators looking into Russian election meddling.

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