(National Sentinel) Real America: The latest polling numbers are in for both President Donald J. Trump and his 2016 Democratic challenger, Hillary Clinton, and they aren’t good.

For Hillary, that is.

While the president is enjoying some of his highest approval ratings, at about 50 percent according to the Rassmussen Reports Daily Presidential Tracking Poll — one of three that got it right on election night a couple years ago — Hillary’s numbers have tanked.

According to a poll released this week by The Wall Street Journal and NBC News, only 27 percent of respondents viewed Clinton somewhat favorably, and even that figure was down from 30 percent last August.

An average of polls rated her favorability at 42.3 percent in November of 2016.

The Daily Caller noted further:

In contrast, her unfavorable rating has remained virtually unchanged in the 18 months since the election. Compared to 54.4 percent who viewed Clinton negatively in November of 2016, the new poll shows 52 percent having an unfavorable view of her.

In the same poll, Trump’s unfavorable ratings were nearly as high as Clinton’s, but his favorability rating was higher — 35 percent — despite non-stop negative coverage in the establishment media.

But Rassmussen has consistently gotten the president’s polling numbers right, so it’s fair to say that’s a more accurate reading of Trump’s real popularity.

“It’s true that our Daily Presidential Tracking Poll often finds Trump’s public job approval several points higher than other national pollsters do. The same thing was true during the latter years of Barack Obama’s presidency, but for some reason the big media didn’t have a problem with that,” the polling firm notes.

“Now it’s true that if we only surveyed the newsrooms of The New York Times, The Washington Post and CNN, Trump’s job approval ratings would be lower than low,” the firm continued in a column this week.

“Fortunately for our readers, however, we survey the real America outside the newsrooms and beyond the Beltway that girdles the nation’s capital. They give the president higher marks for his job performance out there.”

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