(National Sentinel) Suspect: In a recent interview with CBS News’ “60 Minutes,” former adult film star Stormy Daniels, who claims that she had a short-lived affair with President Donald J. Trump more than a decade ago, described a man who she claims accosted her before the 2016 election.

She told the news program that a mystery man approached her in a parking lot while she was with her then-infant daughter and threatened her in an effort to silence her about her sexual encounter with Trump.

On Tuesday, Daniels appeared on ABC‘s “The View” and released a never-before-seen composite sketch of the man she claims approached her, warning that something might happen to her or her daughter if she talked publicly about the alleged affair with Trump.

A screenshot of the sketch is below:

In her interview with 60 Minutes, Daniels described her would-be assailant:

“His face is burned in my memory,” Daniels explained.

Daniels described the man as “well dressed,” and said he wore a suit. Daniels described him as up to six feet tall and “lean but fit.”

“I thought he was someone’s husband,” Daniels said, noting that she thought he was “kind of cute.”

As seen in the sketch, however, the man described is not wearing a suit and, to some, may even appear to look more like a thug.

But what’s really interesting is that the man in the sketch above greatly resembles Daniels’ ex-husband, Glendon Craine, as seen in the picture below:


Some Internet sleuths are crying foul.

“Either Stormy Daniels was lying to “60 Minutes” or she’s lying today. Which is it?” notes The Gateway Pundit.

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