(National Sentinel) Rebellion: A Southern California city council voted for a second time to reiterate its opposition to the state’s sanctuary law after a tense five-hour debate and verbal clashes between anti-sanctuary supporters and protestors.

As reported by Fox News, Los Alamitos Council members voted 4-1 to opt out of a state law that gives special protections to illegal immigrants, in defiance of federal law and forbids local police from fully cooperating with federal immigration officials.

The law also prevents police from notifying immigration authorities in cases when illegal immigrants are facing deportation after being released from detention.

“It is the second time the council voted in favor of the ordinance as the city’s laws required the council to have a second reading of the measure before officially approving it,” Fox News reported.

The special council meeting on Monday attracted droves of supporters and protesters of the measure, prompting minor clashes outside the City Hall, The Orange County Register reported.

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) tweeted after the vote that the ordinance is “a blatant violation of the city’s obligation to follow a state law that puts our local resources to use for the safety of our communities rather than toward federal immigration agencies.”

But supporters, like the council, were undeterred.

“Nobody is above the law. We have elected officials in Sacramento who think they can do whatever they want to do,” Raul Rodriguez, from Apple Valley, spoke in support of the ordinance, according to the Register.

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