Scientists estimate nuclear explosion in DC would kill 280,000 within 48 hours

(National SentinelDeadly: A team of researchers from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University have developed a computer model that predicts some 280,000 people would die within 48 hours if a nuclear device of a certain size were to detonate in Washington, D.C.

The findings come amid rising tensions between the U.S. and Russia -over Syria, over Ukraine, and with NATO.

The research team developed the model as a way to predict how residents of the nation’s capital would react as the government implemented its emergency response plan.

Scientists found that a nuclear weapon exploding at ground level would destroy a city block and shatter buildings for a mile in every direction.

The model predicted that, in one scenario, residents of the city who did not follow orders to evacuate would be immediately exposed to deadly levels of radiation. That model predicted at least 279,020 dead within two days.

As reported by Paul Joseph Watson at Infowars:

Given the utter and total dependence of people living in cities, one can imagine that this would be the most likely outcome.

The study found that the best course of action was to take shelter immediately after the explosion before attempting to flee and seek health care.

However, the simulation also found that many people would expose themselves to deadly radiation by trying to physically locate loved ones and family members. The researchers emphasized that it would be vital for the government to maintain cell phone service to prevent this from happening.

Professor emeritus of Russian studies at Princeton University and New York University Stephen Cohen told Fox News‘ Tucker Carlson last night, “I am more worried than I have ever been in my life” about a nuclear confrontation with Russia.

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