(National Sentinel) Nothing Burger: You may have heard that fired FBI Director James Comey has written a book that’s due out for nationwide release on Tuesday.

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You may also have heard that it’s loaded with “bombshell” revelations about President Donald J. Trump that will finally ‘spell the end’ of his presidency.

If that’s the case, then you’ve been lied to, big time.

According to reports stemming from advanced copies of the book sent to various media outlets, it’s more “tabloid” than anything else, containing “little new” information and certainly no “bombshells.”

Fox News correspondent Chris Wallace, who hosts a Sunday straight news program on the network that is not politically skewed, said he was surprised by “how little new there is in the book.” In addition, he said “we get a lot of opinions, very unpleasant opinions, of the president by James Comey,” but no “bombshells.”

“It seems to me that the real story in this book is that there’s no new hard evidence of any crime, of anything illegal, and it doesn’t really change the equation on President Trump,” he added.

Rep. Trey Gowdy, R-S.C., a former federal prosecutor who has been supportive of special counsel Robert Mueller, lashed out at Comey for ‘politicizing’ the FBI.

“We need an apolitical FBI… I can’t think of anyone who’s done a better job of politicizing the FBI than has in the last 36 to 48 hours,” he said, adding that it is “beneath the dignity of the [Justice Department] offices that he held” for also criticizing, in his book, Trump’s tie for being too long and his use of a tanning bed.

“I’m really disappointed,” he added, noting that Comey wrote “a tabloid book.”

Others see legal problems including breaches of confidentiality that border or cross the line of legality.

“My first reaction to fired FBI Director James Comey’s new book ‘A Higher Loyalty’ is to demand that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein release the still-secret Comey memorandums describing his conversations with Donald Trump as president-elect and president,” writes former House Speaker Newt Gingrigh at Fox News. “After seeing hundreds of pages of Comey’s self-serving version of reality, the American people deserve to see what he actually wrote at the time of these conversations.”

“Before you believe what is written in Comey’s book, you should watch this video compiled by the Republican National Committee to remember what leading Democrats said about Comey in 2016,” he writes.

At various points, Comey sounds downright petulant. He complains about the length of Trump’s tie. He points out (again) how small his hands are, and that he isn’t as “big” as some people may think. He points out the goggle ring around his eyes from the use of a tanning bed.

And so on.

Yet, the establishment media is feting Comey as though he’s a conquering hero and treating his tome as though it is the equivalent of the Pentagon Papers. He is no hero and his book does not disclose dastardly deeds or other malfeasance.

What’s more, these are some of the same people who served as the Democratic echo chamber in the fall of 2016 and at various points since blaming Comey for Hillary Clinton’s election loss. Clinton continues to blame Comey to this day (and Russia, and misogyny, and her own party — anything and anyone but herself).

If you’re thinking this book and Comey’s behavior both mark historic low points in the FBI’s history, you’re right. Writing a tabloid-like book some have described as “bitchy” is no way to restore integrity to a once-proud organization.

Or to bring honor upon yourself.

Or to bring down our president.

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