(National Sentinel) Deep State: Critics are ramping up pressure on Attorney General Jeff Sessions to step in and take charge of what they see as an out-of-control special counsel probe aimed not at delivering justice but at taking out a duly-elected president.

One frequent critic is Joe diGenova, a former U.S. prosecutor who believes that Sessions is allowing his deputy attorney general, Rod Rosenstein, to allow special counsel Robert Mueller to run roughshod over former aides and advisors to President Donald J. Trump’s campaign.

DiGenova’s most recent criticism comes on the heels of Mueller handing off part of his probe to the Southern District of New York, which then staged an FBI raid of the office of Michael Cohen, Trump’s private attorney for years.

Rosenstein reportedly signed off on the rare, no-knock warrant against another attorney in a high-profile case.

Thus far, Mueller has found no evidence pertaining to his original stated mandate: Collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia, which isn’t even a crime were it true.

“Mueller now has no legitimacy. The tactics that they have chosen to use against the president of the United States, against whom there is no evidence of a crime and never has been from the beginning, the use of those tactics has delegitimized the investigation,” diGenova told Fox News‘ Sean Hannity Wednesday.

“Robert Mueller, Rod Rosenstein and [FBI Director] Christopher Wray are doing mortal damage to the institutions they represent,” he added.

“I have to tell you that what Bob Mueller is doing and has done is destroying the Department of Justice. And for Jeff Sessions to sit there like a bump on a log and do nothing about it is disgraceful.”

Earlier, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich heavily criticized Rosenstein and the Justice Department for tactics employed against Trump surrogates and former aides, which he compared to “Stalin” and “the Gestapo” of Nazi Germany.

Watch, via Hannity:

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