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Proof that the GOP leadership is throwing the 2018 elections to THWART Trump’s agenda

(National SentinelSabotage: Throughout 2017, Republican voters were dumbfounded by the GOP congressional majority’s inability to move President Donald J. Trump’s agenda forward.

In one way, shape, or form all Republicans who were up for election or reelection in 2016 ran on a conservative platform similar to that of Trump.

They were against illegal immigration and supported tighter border enforcement.

They were against continued taxpayer funding of Planned Parenthood.

They said they wanted to repeal Obamacare.

They campaigned on trimming back federal regulations.

They agreed with Trump’s pro-growth, pro-business trade stances.

They opposed the Obama presidency’s massive annual budget deficits.

They were against excessive cuts to the U.S. military.

And yet throughout the first year of the Trump presidency, almost none of the things they and the president campaigned on were accomplished.

The only two things of note that were accomplished was major tax cuts and reform and a substantial boost in military spending.

The Obamacare individual mandate has gone away, but that was part of the tax reform bill that was then followed up by a massive omnibus spending bill that will send the national debt skyrocketing as trillion-dollar annual deficits return.

Planned Parenthood was funded. Obamacare remains the law of the land. Illegal immigration is returning to Obama-era levels.

And now Republicans are joining Democrats in proposing legislation that will protect the man conducting the most politically motivated investigation of a president in the history of our republic.

As The Hill reported:

A group of bipartisan senators is introducing new legislation to limit President Trump‘s ability to fire special counsel Robert Mueller.

Sens. Cory Booker (D-N.J.). Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), Christopher Coons(D-Del.) and Thom Tillis (R-N.C.) will introduce the legislation, the  Special Counsel Independence and Integrity Act, on Wednesday. 

The legislation would let Mueller, or any other special counsel, receive an “expedited judicial review” within 10 days of being fired to determine if it was for a “good cause.” If it was determined it wasn’t, he would be reinstated. 

Presidents, not Congress, run the Executive Branch, so it’s not even clear this bill, should it pass (over Trump’s veto), would withstand an eventual Supreme Court challenge.

But that’s not the point, per se. Republicans are joining Democrats in offering it up. They would rather help Democrats protect a politically-motivated investigation than the leader of their party.

Such is the state of Trump hate in the nation’s capital. It permeates the uniparty because neither side wants to believe that voters in most states prefer Trump over their luke-warm, eerily similar, or corrupt presidential nominees.

If you needed any more evidence to prove that the Republican Party leadership is part of the same DC swamp Trump wants to drain, this is it.

What’s astonishing is that Republicans who lose in November will blame their loss on Trump.

They don’t have a leg to stand on. They will lose because they continue to oppose the president instead of support him.

And it sure seems like it’s being done on purpose.

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  1. It all translates to one thing . . . MONEY. And money translates to the real truth for all these rich pricks . . . WOMEN. Why ? Because these creeps are so ugly and so evil, only a woman offered quite the largess would give herself over to these baboons.
    Pity the human race !! We have lost our way because we have let a certain race screw with our heads. C’mon people ; it’s time to do what’s RIGHT.

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