(National Sentinel) Speaker Out: Confidants of House Speaker Paul Ryan say he’s not going to run for Congress again this year, leaving the House wide open for potential Democratic takeover.


As reported by Axios, sources with knowledge of the conversations noted that Ryan’s alleged departure makes it even tougher for Republicans to hold onto the lower chamber because it will affect fundraising.

“This is a Titanic, tectonic shift. … This is going to make every Republican donor believe the House can’t be held,” a well-informed Republican source told the news site.

The announcement should nevertheless help Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) in his fundraising because “the Senate becomes the last bastion,” the Republican said.

The Republican Party reportedly has a major cash advantage heading into the midterm elections in November. But Democratic challengers are also reportedly outraising Republican incumbents in key House races.

Friends and associates of Ryan told Axios that he was ready to leave Congress after passing historic tax reform, which was a major goal of his. They add that life in the House has been frustrating under President Donald J. Trump.

As for his possible replacement, two names have been dropped: House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy of California and House Majority Whip Steve Scalise of Louisiana, though Scalise has said in the past he wouldn’t oppose McCarthy.

While insiders fret that Ryan’s departure may mean disaster for the party, conservatives in flyover country are likely to rejoice. Critics have long viewed Ryan as an opponent of Trump’s, not an ally as he should have been.

Also, Trump supporters outside the Beltway don’t share the same dour views as the swamp creatures do. They point to all of the incorrect polling and predictions of a Hillary Clinton landslide as evidence that Washington’s out of touch with much of the rest of the country.

As for the other Republican retirements, conservatives are hopeful that they will be replaced by candidates more in tune with Trump’s ‘America first’ agenda. Many have been frustrated by the Republican congressional majorities’ unwillingness or inability to move Trump’s agenda, as many promised they would.

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