(National Sentinel) Armed & Dangerous: A Tennessee college senior is defending a graduation photo against critics showing her carrying a concealed handgun while wearing a “Women for Trump” t-shirt.

Though she’s taken a large “amount of hate” on social media, Brenna Spencer, 22, has no regrets, she says.

“I know the Tennessee state gun codes … I carry everywhere that I’m allowed to carry,” said the University of Tennessee-Chattanooga said in an interview.

On Twitter, where Spencer’s profile states that “political correctness offends me,” she posted the provocative photo with the caption: “I don’t take normal college graduation photos…”

Her post went viral, with some calling it irresponsible and reckless. In fact, one woman even alerted police, hoping to have her arrested, Fox News reported.

would you like to give us your two cents? Per the thread, this young female is taking a photo w/ a firearm, in an area w/ a posted “no-weapons” policy. This showboating behavior is irresponsible, reckless, & potentially dangerous. Signed, A concerned citizen,” said the tweet.

The photo was reportedly taken outside the Hunter Museum of American Art in Chattanooga, which bans firearms inside.

Others, however, were supportive of Spencer’s photo and pro-gun stance.

“Good job supporting second amendment, but you should have a proper holster that holds the weapon securely and fully protects the trigger guard,” a Twitter user wrote in response to the photo.

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