(National Sentinel) Barrier: The U.S. Border Patrol broke ground Monday on a section of President Trump’s border wall along a sector in New Mexico.


“The president has started his project,” El Paso Sector Chief Patrol Agent Aaron E. Hull told reporters during a press conference at the border in Santa Teresa, N.M., about 10 miles west of the southwest Texas border city

“This project is underway. This is the beginning, in this sector, of the president’s border wall.”

The Santa Teresa project seeks to replace a 20-mile sector of three-foot-tall posts and a taller mesh fence with 18-30-foot walls that are built primarily of concrete.

The Washington Examiner noted:

The wall’s steel structure will stretch six feet underground and be fastened into two feet of concrete beneath. The portion of the wall that is above ground and visible will have a five-foot plate at the top that will deter people from scaling it.

“It is going to deter all but the most determined illegal entrants from entering the United States here,” Hull said. “It is going to make it harder to cross for illegal aliens.

“It’s going to make it harder for smugglers and border criminals to move freely between the two countries as they do now,” he added.

The $75 million project is being funded via the $1.6 billion Congress appropriated to Customs and Border Protection in last month’s omnibus spending bill.

The Santa Teresa sector is one of four the Department of Homeland Security announced it in March that it would replace.

“This part of the Santa Teresa area of operations is our busiest area for illegal alien apprehensions and it has been for years. It’s also a prime corridor for the smuggling of narcotics,” Hull noted.

“The wall that we’re going to put in here is going to serve as an effective barrier to both. It’s going to allow us to make more effective use of our agents and our technology.”

Hull said a one-mile test section of the wall built last year for demonstration purposes was a success.

“We’ve got a 1.3-mile section of this bollard wall that we put in last year. We are very pleased with the outcome. It is safer, and it’s durable. The proximity to the highway has resulted in this wall being run into on a couple of occasions by vehicles, and in one case, a five-ton truck,” he said.

“The capability of that bollard wall to sustain that impact is a testament to the money well spent to secure the border,” he added.

Trump has requested $25 billion to build at least 1,000 miles of new border wall.

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