(National Sentinel) Reality Wins: President Donald J. Trump outraged the Left (again) on Thursday when he “reprised” his “Mexicans are rapists” allegation.


“Remember my opening remarks at Trump power when I opened. Everybody said, oh, he was so tough. I used the word rape. Yesterday it came out where this journey coming up, women are raped at levels that nobody has ever seen before,” Trump said.

Trump is right. And furthermore, it’s a fact that is not shocking nor is it a surprise to people who live in border states.

Even the Alt-Left HuffPost knows. Correspondent Eleanor Goldberg wrote in December that “80 percent of Central American women, girls, are raped crossing into U.S.”

Moreover, the problem is getting worse, as she noted:

According to a stunning Fusion investigation, 80 percent of women and girls crossing into the U.S. by way of Mexico are raped during their journey. That’s up from a previous estimate of 60 percent, according to an Amnesty International report.

Ever heard of a “rape tree?” People in border states have, especially those living very close to the Mexican boundary.

rape tree

Per Latina.com from way back in 2009:


From beheading to kidnappings, there seems to be no limit to what the Mexican drug cartels are willing to do to assert their dominance—and they deal not only in drugs, but also in humans.

Now, a new method of marking territory has crossed over into the United States. “Rape trees” are popping up in Southern Arizona and their significance is horrific. These “rape trees” are places where cartel members and coyotes rape female border crossers and hang their clothes, specifically undergarments, to mark their conquest.

They are also seen in Brooks County, Texas. As US News reported in July 2013:

Just before sundown, a group of men cloaked in camouflage from the Texas Border Volunteers halts their all terrain vehicle, along a winding sandy road. As they make their way around the heavy brush, they circle around a pile of women’s undergarments, which lay at the foot of a tree. In sections of land near the U.S.-Mexico border, this is known as a “rape tree.” And for the residents of Brooks County, Texas, rape trees are popping up at an alarming frequency.

Many of those same Mexican rapists cross into the U.S. with their human cargo. Some stay.

That makes Trump’s claim 100 percent correct.

Maybe instead of being outraged at Trump for telling the truth, liberal journalists and the Left-wing commentariat should save it for the Mexicans who are doing the raping.

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