(National Sentinel) The Oregon Republican Party said that just days before the state’s liberal governor, Kate Brown, publicly said she would not allow her Guard troops to be put on the U.S. border, she received “an unprecedented” campaign check from George Soros, a billionaire left-wing hedge-fund manager and campaign donor.

Citing Willamette Week, the Oregon RNC noted further that the donation marked Soros’ “first direct involvement” in Oregon politics.

Soros and the groups he funds donate almost solely to far-Left candidates and causes.

While it’s not known if the donation has something to do with President Donald J. Trump’s announcement this week that he will order the National Guard to the U.S.-Mexico border to support federal immigration and customs agents, Soros is known to oppose U.S. immigration laws and supports ‘open borders.’

Also, it’s unclear why it would donate to Brown since Oregon is not a border state. Some speculate that it could be that Oregon may have been called upon because it is closer than many other states. It could also be due to Brown’s open-border stance and sanctuary preferences for illegal aliens in the U.S.


Still, the timing is suspicious. Three days after the donation, CNN reported that Brown would refuse to send her Guard troops if asked.

“Kate Brown has consistently ignored problems facing everyday Oregonians and has instead used the office of Governor to make herself a national left-wing celebrity. Now, Brown is cashing in and taking big campaign donations from notorious leftist puppet master, billionaire George Soros,” said Oregon Republican Chairman Bill Currier.

“We need a Governor who tackles crime, faltering state agencies, and the PERS pension crisis, and a leader who will rescue our bottom performing K-12 schools and stop the out-of-control spending and endless tax increases,” added Currier.

“Kate Brown is more interested in wooing George Soros and the out-of-state, leftist, super-rich donor class than truly confronting the serious problems at home. Now we know who she really works for.”

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