(National Sentinel) Double Standard: As his Fox News program opened Wednesday night, host Tucker Carlson ripped into the legacy media for its hands-off approach to the shooting at YouTube’s headquarters earlier this week.

As he began, Carlson told his audience, “Pause for a moment and pretend this isn’t the 8:00 p.m. show on Fox News,” according to The Daily Caller.

“Let’s pretend it’s somewhere else on the dial If that were true, by definition, we’d have to draw hard and fast conclusions from this tragedy, using the limited fact set available,” he continued.

“We don’t really know much, but sweeping dumb generalizations are what the media do. So we would do that. Of course, we’d need to use a very specific script to make those generalizations,” he continued.

Carlson said based on past shootings the media would jump to several conclusions about the shooter — Nasim Aghdama, a far-Left PETA-supporting vegan and feminist — as well as the gun, while covering the incident 24/7.

He said the media would be calling for bans of “assault pistols” (Aghdam used a Smith & Wesson 9 mm pistol), would label PETA a terrorist organization with blood on its hands as being responsible for the incident (she was a PETA supporter), and would call for townhall-style meetings so people could yell at PETA representatives, all of which happened after the Parkland, Fla., school shooting in February.

“But wait. Media outlets aren’t reaching any of these conclusions,” Carlson noted further.

“Why not? Because there’s no obvious way to use this shooting to advance the objectives of the Democratic Party. So the media will stop talking about it soon. That’s how corrupt they are,” he said.

As we reported, Aghdam appears to be a far-Left activist according to her social media posts and website.

NBC Bay Area noted further:

In 2009, she protested the military’s use of pigs in training exercises. A news report by The San Diego Union-Tribune shows a photo of Aghdam holding a plastic sword and spattered in blood as part of the demonstration by the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).

In 2014, she posted a video on YouTube of [her] car, stating that it was vandalized by “anti-vegans” because a bumper sticker said, “meat is murder.”

“They’re also incredibly stupid, especially on the subject of firearms,” Tucker said of the legacy media, then singling out “MSNBC’s resident genius Nicolle Wallace,” who was having a little auditory trouble during her Tuesday coverage of the San Bruno shooting, misidentifying the opening of a soda can as a gunshot.

“No, Nicolle, not gunshots. But be sure to listen carefully as she lectures you about the Second Amendment. She knows a lot about it.”

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