(National Sentinel) Migrant Wars: Fox News host Tucker Carlson told Mexican journalist Jorge Ramos on his program Tuesday night that his country has a problem with anti-black racism as well, a point the Left-leaning Hispanic correspondent was forced to concede.

“Can we just agree on this point?” Carlson said. “That a country that exterminated its black population, that is run exclusively by white people, that had a caste system based on blood until pretty recently, probably shouldn’t be calling us racist.

“Can we–let’s take that out of the equation. This is an economic argument about who benefits from migration. It’s not really about race,” he continued.

“No, I don’t think so,” Ramos said. “No Tucker, I think we should criticize both countries. There’s discrimination in Mexico and there’s a lot of discrimination, we have to say that, but when we have a president like President Trump who’s made racist statements, who clearly wants to make America white again by…”

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“Oh, come on!” Carlson interjected.

“When he said that he wants to bring immigrants from Norway and not from Haiti and from Africa, don’t you think that’s a racist statement?” Ramos responded.

“Literally, something like 85 percent of our immigrants are nonwhite,” Tucker quickly noted. “It’s not a question of white or nonwhite. It’s a question of whether Mexico gets to use the United States as its welfare system.

“By the way, there were two black Mexicans just deported from Mexico, because they were black, to countries they’ve never been to,” Carlson noted further. “That’s what it’s like to be African-American in Mexico. So, let’s just stop with the race stuff.”

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