(National Sentinel) Tactical: More than 1,100 mostly-Honduran illegal aliens migrating north through Mexico bound for the U.S. border are now breaking into smaller groups, making it more difficult to track and interdict them.

As reported by Fox News, the larger group began to “disperse” after President Donald J. Trump warned he would send the U.S. military to the American side of the border to ensure the illegal migrants could not enter.

The larger group had been camping out in the town of Matias Romero, in the southern part of Mexico, since the weekend after beginning their trek from the Guatemalan-Mexican border on March 25.

The group reached a peak of about 1,500 people, but a spokesperson for the Left-wing advocacy group helping sponsor the trek, Pueblo sin Fronteras, told Reuters that many people have since broken off and are continuing on their own towards the U.S.

“Now they’re separating these groups,” Ellis Garcia told Reuters. “I don’t know what’s the deal, we have no answers.”

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Other reports claimed that the splintering was a tactical move to help avoid monitoring and detection in response to Trump’s warning.

The Mexican government finally began cracking down on the group, noting carefully, however, that it “is not subject to pressure” from Trump to do so.

Mexican officials noted the caravan “began to disperse by decision of the participants.”

Some of the migrants have applied for and accepted visas to remain in Mexico to work and live. Others, however, say they are continuing to the U.S.

Our destination is to reach the United States, to support those who remain (in Honduras),” Mirna Hernandez told Reuters.

“Not long ago my brother was killed, he was killed cruelly. Doing this for him and his family, that is why we are fighting to go there.”

The event has been held annually for many years as a means of raising awareness about the plight of migrants but participants had always remained in southern Mexico.

On Tuesday, Trump said he would deploy the National Guard to the border until a wall can be built.

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