(National Sentinel) Trading Freedom for Security: Students returning to the Parkland, Fla., high school where Nikolas Cruz allegedly killed 17 on Valentine’s Day are complaining about the new security measures.

One of those complaining on social media is Lauren Hogg, sister of student anti-gun activist David Hogg.

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She took to Twitter to lash out against having to wear clear backpacks and being greeted by armed security.

“Today when I walk into school I will be greeted with armed police, wand detectors and clear backpacks,” she wrote.

“Is this what my high school experience is going to be like? 3 more years of this…Someday when my kids ask me about my high school experience what am I going to tell them?”

“Starting off the last quarter of senior year right, with a good ol’ violation of privacy!” noted activist Delaney Tarr on her Twitter account.

CNN on Sunday reported that students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School say their school now “feels like jail.”

The network noted further:

Students of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School return to class Monday, their first day back since organizing one of the largest youth-led protests in US history.

But these teenagers won’t be returning to a normal high school experience. Instead, they’ll be met with strict security measures which are intended to protect them from another mass shooting but have some students feeling as if they’ll be learning in a prison.

“Going to school is really so hard, and now it’s going to be so much worse,” Isabelle Robinson, a senior, said. “A lot of the people I’ve talked to are dreading going back.”

[…] “It feels like being punished,” Robinson told CNN. “It feels like jail, being checked every time we go to school.”

Critics of the complaining students say this is what happens when you trade freedom for security. They also noted that students were demanding to be safe, so complaining about the measures being implemented on their behalf is hypocritical.

There is also a constitutional lesson to be learned, as one respondent to Tarr’s post noted.

“So the 4th Amend is OK, but not the 2nd? When did our Constitution become an a la carte buffet?” wrote John W. Rollins.

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