(National Sentinel) Class Action: The University of California Board of Regents voted in March to raise tuition rates by nearly $1,000, but the hike will not apply to illegal alien students.

The board approved the proposal to increase out-of-state tuition by $978 by a 12-3 vote, The College Fix reported. However, California law allows illegal alien students to evade this charge by enrolling as in-state students.

“All students — regardless of immigration status — are subject to the same tuition and fee structures, based on their residency status,” UC spokeswoman Clair Doan told the website.

California Assembly Bill 540 mandates that illegal alien students are able to get in-state tuition rates if they attend high school in the state for at least three years and earn a diploma from a California school.


“It’s really incumbent upon Congress to close that loophole now that it’s exposed,” Federation for American Immigration Reform spokesman Ira Mehlman told The Daily Caller.

“UC does not ask its students nor applicants for their immigration status,” Doan explained, nevertheless estimating that the UC system enrolled some 3,700 illegal alien students.

Mehlman said Doan may have arrived at that figure because illegal alien students use taxpayer ID numbers instead of Social Security numbers.

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