(National Sentinel) Speedy Justice: The Trump administration is issuing quotas to federal immigration judges to speed up the process of deporting people in the country illegally, which has slowed in recent years.

Fox News‘ Ed Henry reported:

Breaking tonight, a Justice Department official has just confirmed to Fox News they are now, within the Trump administration, instituting quotas for federal immigration judges to try and speed up deportations of illegal immigrants out of this country.

It comes after the union for these judges had a prohibition in place that did not allow these quotas. The quotas have now been lifted, officials saying, quote, “These performance metrics, which were agreed to by the immigration judge union that is now condemning them, are designed to increase productivity and efficiency in the system without compromising due process.”

The prohibition was put in place by the Obama administration, which was generally seen as lax on immigration policies.

President Obama also implemented the Delayed Action on Childhood Arrivals program, or DACA, which President Donald J. Trump attempted to end before being stopped by a federal court.

DACA recipients remain in limbo because Democrats won’t work with Republicans to find a solution, the president has said.

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