(National Sentinel) Unreliable Sources: In marketing its upcoming documentary “The Kennedy’s,” CNN — whose hosts have been overly obsessed with a disputed one night stand President Donald J. Trump may have had with porn queen Stormy Daniels more than 10 years ago — is praising late President John F. Kennedy’s serial adultery as “legendary.”

“JFK had a legendary love life. Did one of his affairs connect him with the mob? #TheKennedys Sunday at 9p on CNN,” the network tweeted out on Saturday.

Notes Breitbart News, “Obviously, the far-left cable channel is once again revealing its partisan double standard.”


And in the age of Trump, the hatefest is non-stop. No doubt that has led to the network’s continued poor performance among viewers.

But to be fair, CNN‘s fall from credibility and rise to the top of the Fake News industry did not begin with Trump. It began way back in the early 1990s with the election of William Jefferson Clinton.

In fact, the network’s coverage of the Clintons was so over-the-top positive — defending them from detractors throughout scandal after scandal — it became known as the “Clinton News Network.”

That mantra was revived just a few short years ago after Hillary Clinton decided to try to win the Oval Office for the second time.

As for JFK, God rest his soul, he was known to have had countless affairs while in the White House. Numerous reports say that included a mobster’s girlfriend and actress Marilyn Monroe, whom he was said to have passed off to his brother, then-Attorney General Bobby Kennedy.

Some think her treatment by the Kennedy’s led to her suicide in 1962 at the tender age of 36.

John Kennedy also had countless adulterous affairs while president, numerous reports say this included a mobster’s girlfriend and Marilyn Monroe, who he reportedly passed off to his brother, Attorney general Bobby Kennedy. Many believe her treatment at the hands of the Kennedy brothers led Monroe to suicide in 1962 at age 36.

In addition, there are reports that John Kennedy was a “predator president” who ordered a 19-year-old intern (whom he had already bedded in his wife’s White House bedroom) to give his assistant oral sex.

CNN is facing widespread ridicule and criticism over its shameless Kennedy/Trump double standard, which again shows that this last-place news network remains a laughingstock that no one can or should take seriously,” Breitbart News reported.

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