(National Sentinel) Goat Rope: Special counsel Robert Mueller is now reportedly investigating any improper contacts that Attorney General Jeff Sessions may have had with a Russian ambassador at the Republican National Committee convention in the summer of 2016.

Mueller reportedly wants to know what Sessions, a senior advisor to the Trump campaign and then a sitting U.S. senator from Alabama, and then-Russian Ambassador to the United States Sergei Kislyak discussed at the convention, according to sources who spoke with Reuters.

The newswire service noted further:

The same source said Mueller’s team also has been asking whether Sessions had private discussions with Kislyak on the sidelines of a campaign speech Trump gave at Washington’s Mayflower Hotel in April 2016.

In addition, Mueller’s team is looking into why the Trump campaign ‘softened’ GOP platform language regarding Russia’s invasion of Crimea and involvement in Ukraine.

Reuters noted further:

At one committee meeting, according to people in attendance, Diana Denman, a member of the platform committee’s national security subcommittee, proposed language calling for the United States to supply “lethal defensive weapons to Ukraine’s armed forces and greater coordination with NATO on defense planning.”

But the final platform language deleted the reference to “lethal defensive weapons,” a change that made the platform less hostile to Russia, whose troops had invaded the Crimean peninsula and eastern Ukraine.

Critics noted that despite a series of media reports denoting obvious Russia connections inherent in the Hillary Clinton campaign, Mueller’s Democrat-aligned lawyers have thus far refused to interview her or her campaign officials.

Also, critics note that former FBI Director James Comey and fired Deputy Director Andrew McCabe have not been interviewed by Mueller’s team, despite reports they may have had a hand in creating a Russian collusion narrative specifically to hamper the Trump campaign, though no evidence exists.

In any event, the president’s actions towards Russia in recent months has been anything but accommodating.

In December, Trump approved the sale of lethal weaponry to Ukraine as it continues to battle Russian-backed separatists — a measure the Obama administration never took.

Also, this week the president ordered 60 Russian diplomat spies out of the country and a Russian consulate closed in Seattle in retribution for Moscow’s likely involvement in an assassination attempt of a former spy and his daughter living in England.

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