(National Sentinel) Subsidizing Corruption: In an attempt to cover his mounting legal costs, former Trump national security advisor and Army Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn was recently forced to sell his Virginia home as he faced financial ruin.

Meanwhile, disgraced, fired FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, already high on the wealth chart, raised more than $400,000 on a GoFundMe from 10,000 people — in one day — for his legal bills which, admittedly, are just beginning.

Paying for high-powered, white-collar law firms is not easy in Washington, D.C. — or anywhere else, for that matter.

But when you’re a darling of the political Left and portrayed as a victim of the mean, ol’ Trump administration, despite the fact that the most unbiased entity in Washington — the Office of Professional Responsibility — recommended McCabe be fired because for lying, you get special treatment.

Oddly, that’s the same charge Flynn has been convicted of by a guy who’s investigating everything but “Russian collusion” with the Trump campaign.

But Flynn was with President Trump, and Trump’s a lout who doesn’t deserve to be in the White House. So his people get ruined while the corrupt Deep State takes care of one of its own.

Make no mistake about it: This is the swamp that Trump seeks to drain, that Trump must drain in order to give the people back their government.

On a side note, the money McCabe is collecting from fellow miscreants and Americans who don’t seem to care much for the rule of law won’t do him much good if he is convicted of ‘colluding’ with other Deep Staters to illegally spy on President Donald J. Trump’s campaign. We hear money is no object in federal prison because it doesn’t hold near the sway or influence it does on the ‘outside.’

And there are forces working to put McCabe in that very place, along with James Comey, and Bruce Orr, and Peter Strzok, and Lisa Page, and anyone else connected with illegal abuses of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court to spy on Team Trump.

There is DoJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s investigation — which can’t lead to indictments (because the IG’s office doesn’t have that power) but which could lead to the appointment of a second special counsel.

Then again, there is John Huber, the “senior prosecutor” assigned by Attorney General Jeff Sessions to reexamine alleged FISA court abuses and, we hear, the processes undertaken during the Hillary Clinton email investigation.

Huber does have prosecutorial powers.

We lament what has happened to career soldier and civil servant Michael Flynn. But though he struggles now, there is a real chance Karma will come to his comfort in the months ahead as those responsible for his demise meet their own, um, legal challenges.

Meantime, let this be another object lesson in liberal hypocrisy: When it comes to getting away with crimes, they don’t want equality. They want to be the only ones who do.

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