(National Sentinel) Testify: Fired FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe lied at least four times under oath regarding leaks to the media, an Ohio Republican lawmaker charged on Thursday.

In an interview with Fox News‘ Laura Ingraham, Rep. Jim Jordan — who is familiar with an internal Justice Department report that recommended McCabe’s firing — said, “He didn’t lie just once; he lied four times.”

“Four times he lied. He lied to James Comey. He lied to the [FBI’s] Office of Professional Responsibility, and he lied twice under oath to the inspector general,” said Jordan who is a member of the House Judiciary Committee.

Earlier Thursday, Jordan told The Daily Caller the Office of Professional Responsibility noted that McCabe not only neglected to tell former FBI Director James Comey he authorized media leaks, he “affirmatively denied” that he did so.

McCabe was fired by Attorney General Jeff Sessions March 16, two days before he was set to officially retire with full benefits.

He was fired “on a recommendation from FBI’s Office of Professional Responsibility,” The Daily Caller reported.

“The ethics office determined McCabe gave misleading statements about authorizations he gave to an FBI official to speak with the media,” the news site continued.

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