(National Sentinel) Wasted: The stress of working for the federal government has allegedly gone up under President Donald J. Trump, leading more workers to consume greater amounts of alcohol.

In interviews with Politico, government employees said the increased stress has ruined their dating lives and has caused them to turn to drinking in an effort to cope.

Dozens of government employees told the political news site that Trump in the White House has forever hanged their lives.

“My own personal coping mechanism is a lot of denial,” said one Energy Department employee. “That has caused marital stress, since [my spouse] does not appreciate or respect my state of denial. That has caused an issue, although we would not be the only couple in the United States that has struggled with the Trump effect. I’m the frog in the pot that’s boiling along.”

Also, a State Department official said he was worried about the effect of being forever associated with the “worst” administration ever.

“There are days I want to leave and work for someone who respects me and appreciates my skills and expertise. I’m worried people years from now will somehow associate me with the very worst of this administration” one State Department official told Politico.

Not all government workers were upset or displeased with Trump.

Many immigration and border security employees, for example, said they felt like Trump is the first president in a long while to truly support them.

One of Trump’s first acts as president was to require federal agencies to cut two rules for every new rule they implemented.

That has led his administration to cut more red tape — especially after only one year — than any other administration in modern history.

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