(National Sentinel) Brainwashed: Parkland school shooting survivor-turned-celebrity blamed “white boys” for such incidents because they are the “most entitled demographic by far.”

“[I]f bullying caused school shootings, you would see trans shooters, queer shooters, female shooters, POC shooters,” the message Gonzalez retweeted to her nearly 1.5 million Twitter followers said.

“[B]ullying does not cause school shootings; entitlement does. and white boys are the most entitled demographic by far.”

Her follow-up tweet read: “[W]hite boys have been promised wealth, power, and women-as-commodity in all forms of media since childhood. and when they don’t receive it, they react the way mass media has taught them: with glorious violence.”

There is no evidence to support such allegations. However, there is mounting evidence indicating other factors — opioid use, fatherless homes, poverty, and mental illness — have all contributed to such incidents.

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