(National Sentinel) Queasy: A professor at Siena College in Albany County, New York, left her post on the school’s committee on civil discourse because she said working with conservative students was “making [her] miserable.”

As reported by the Washington Examiner, philosophy professor Jennifer McErlean shared her sentiment in an email to alumnus that included a current student at the Roman Catholic liberal arts college who heads up the conservative Turning Point USA chapter on the campus.

In an email announcing she was leaving the committee, McErlean CC’ed chapter president Antonio Bianchi, writing that dealing with conservative students is no longer possible through “civil discourse.”

In stepping down from the committee, McErlean then bragged that she’s now free to protest an upcoming event — Let Freedom Ring — which is being hosted by TPUSA and features conservative speakers Roger Stone and James O’Keefe.

In leaving the committee, McErlean bragged that she is now free to protest the upcoming “Let Freedom Ring” event, hosted by TPUSA with speakers including Roger Stone and James O’Keefe.

The Washington Examiner reported further:

In the email obtained by Campus Reform, McErlean also referenced an “Insulting, false, provocative” letter written in the Promethean, Siena’s student newspaper. Columnist and student Nicole Commisso penned an op-ed entitled “White Privilege: Injustice Does Not Fix Injustice.” Commisso strongly disagreed with the concept that she, a white woman, must acknowledge that accomplishments and tasks are made easier for her because of her race. She wrote of her struggling childhood with a single mother who worked hard for everything the family had, just to put food on the table. Yet through all that, she would never identify as a victim.

McErlean is currently a faculty adviser for the Latinos Unificando Nuestra America club and a founding member of the Gay/Straight Alliance.

“Ironically, her page specifically highlights her dedication to ‘the ideals of Franciscan service and community-building,'” the Washington Examiner noted.

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