(National Sentinel) Plots: In recent days ABC News reported exclusively that Attorney General Jeff Sessions had been under investigation by fired FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe of the AG’s alleged improper ties to Russia.

Readers may recall that shortly after Sessions was confirmed by the Senate and took over as President Donald J. Trump’s AG he recused himself from the Justice Department’s ongoing investigation into allegations that the Trump campaign, of which he backed early on and served as an advisor, had worked in “collusion” with Moscow to “steal” the 2016 election.

None of that has ever been proven despite more than a year’s worth of investigating by DoJ, the FBI, and various congressional committees that have spent untold millions of dollars on what now seems to be little more than a plot against an incoming outsider president. Even the House Intelligence Committee has officially declared the allegations baseless and without evidence.

But if you thought that it was odd that someone would leak news of the McCabe investigation into Sessions now, shortly after Sessions opted to fire McCabe based on the recommendation of DoJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz, your instincts are good.

It was bizarre and for a number of reasons.

The timing was obvious; whoever leaked that tidbit of information obviously wanted to make it seem as though Sessions’ firing of McCabe was motivated by revenge. But the fact is, Sessions was investigated for having alleged nefarious ties to Russian government operatives — by special counsel Robert Mueller.

And he was cleared. Several months ago.

That’s right. Sessions was informed months ago by Mueller himself. What’s more, shortly after the ABC News report, FBI Director Christopher Wray announced that the firing was justified and that the bureau is now operating by the book.

“This leak is yet another manifestation of panic on the part of the cabal that tried to upend Trump’s presidency. The Deep State is in deep trouble — at least that part of it, anyway,” writes Roger Simon at PJ Media.

Why so panicky?

Back to Horowitz.

His report on how the FBI handled the [purposely botched] Hillary Clinton investigation is due soon. Initially, reports said that it would be ready perhaps later this month or by April, but now Simon noted that it could be May before it’s released.

Why? What’s taking so long?

“…[T] hat would only be because it is growing more extensive and thus more worrying to certain parties. And a secret prosecutor, it is known, is now working with the IG, making it more worrying still,” Simon says.

Others agree. A former assistant director of the FBI says he believes that the upcoming report from Horowitz will contain explosive revelations.

“The behavior, if it’s manifested in the action with your thumb on the scale of a particular investigation, one way or the other, that’s borderline criminal behavior — manipulating an investigation,” former FBI official Chris Swecker told Fox News‘ “Outnumbered” program.

“I think this IG report is going to be particularly impactful, more so than any of these useless congressional investigations. I think you’re going to see some pure TNT come out in this IG report,” he added.

He and others believe that Horowitz’s report will contain especially damning information on the roles played by former FBI Director James Comey, McCabe, deputy director of counterintelligence Peter Strzok, and others involved in the Hillary Clinton email investigation.

@NameRedacted7 noted these developments and others, tweeting, in part:

8. Think about this: at the exact time McCabe, Strzok, Yates, Ohr, Page, Preistap, Baker, Comey, Rybicki were *actively* spying on Team Trump via the 702 queries & Carter Page title 1 FISA warrant, they were actively running a case to frame the Attorney General of the US.

9. This is f___ing staggering. They were launching an effort to decapitate via show trials the entire Exec branch.

Granted, that might seem awfully conspiratorial, but given what we’re learning every week about these folks and the things they really did while in office to trip up Trump, it’s hard to just dismiss out of hand.

@NameRedacted7 notes further:

29. You’ll note that Page, Strzok, Preistap & former FBI Gen Counsel Baker have all been demoted, reassigned & have no duties. Why? Why not fired? This angers a lot of people. The simple answer is: they’re not witnesses w deals.

30. The entire time mueller has had key anti trump people under his thumb accomplishing little, Jeff Sessions & OIG Horowitz have been documenting the coup & building criminal cases.

31. Andrew McCabe was permitted a lawyer bc he’s almost certainly under indictment; Horowitz has a prosecutor & a grand jury empaneled. The way OPR handled McCabe proves it.

32. Sit back and watch: these media attacks are the death throes of this conspiracy. Breaking McCabe was the beginning. This is well under way.

Whoever this person is, he/she isn’t the only one who thinks McCabe could be in serious legal trouble. None other than noted liberal constitutional law professor Jonathan Turley thinks that may the case as well:

Saying that he sees the FBI official’s termination as “justified,” Turley added that McCabe should be grateful he has not yet been charged with any criminal offenses.

“It was justified in the sense that these were career officials — at the Office of Professional Responsibility — that made this recommendation, which is exceedingly rare,” Turley said.

“In fact, it’s unprecedented for someone in this position. These are not political appointees,” he added. “The OPR, quite frankly, is not viewed as a particularly aggressive office.”

“So, all of that makes this a relatively rare sanction coming from career officers,” Turley explained. “They clearly concluded that McCabe misled them — and that he misled them on one of the core issues they were investigating, not a collateral issue.”

While Democrats and some Republicans have complained, as has McCabe and former Obama officials, that the firing was politically motivated, Turley joins a growing list of legal experts and analysts who are pushing back against that.

“What’s going to create an issue going forward is whether there will be a criminal referral,” Turley continued. “Michael Flynn was indicted for making a false statement to investigators.

“Now, it’s true that they were looking at him for other crimes as well,” he continued. “But there will be some that will argue, ‘Why would you indict Michael Flynn, but a deputy FBI director is just worried about his pension, not prison?’”

Simon noted that this plot — and that’s exactly what it was, based on the belief that the principal actors would get away with it because Hillary was a shoo-in — is endangering a Deep State system that has been decades in the making.

Expect a brawl, in other words.

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