(National Sentinel) Grand Old Party: Well, it sure wasn’t a good day for supporters of President Donald J. Trump. Or Republican voters. Or conservatives.

Shortly after 1 p.m. EDT, Trump signed the most massive spending bill in history — $1.3 trillion.

It funds Planned Parenthood.

It funds Obamacare subsidies.

It funds 19 agencies that Trump wanted to eliminate because they are pointless or redundant (some got funding increases).

It funds massively overfunded domestic spending programs favored by Democrats. In fact, if we didn’t know any better, we’d swear that the Democrats were in charge of Congress.

But they aren’t, supposedly. The Republicans are.

The bill also increased funding for the U.S. military after years of cuts during the Obama nightmare and nearly a decade of unreliable funding via continuing resolutions. This was vital and Trump was right to emphasize this part of the bill because we face substantial competition from rising great powers and frankly, if we lose a war nothing else the current spending bill funds will matter.

The bill doesn’t fund Trump’s border wall. It doesn’t fund much border security (33 miles of fence in Texas). It doesn’t fund additional ICE agents. It doesn’t fund additional holding areas for illegal aliens.

These were all core issues the president ran on.


But here’s the thing. They were also core issues establishment Republicans ran on.

The difference is, Trump still backs these initiatives. He still backs cutting government and thus, government spending. He still backs defunding Planned Parenthood. He still backs getting rid of Obamacare completely and allowing the free market to guide the private healthcare industry.

You know who doesn’t back these things, even though they ran on them?

Yes, you do know. Or you ought to.

If your Republican representative or senator is someone who supported this monstrosity, this slap to the face of constituents, then you ought to realize something.

President Trump is not the problem. Your turncoat Republican representative or senator is.

The Grand Old Party isn’t the Grand Old Party of conservatism anymore. Hasn’t been for a long time. It just took this disaster to finally prove, once and for all, that the GOP most of us have long known and loved is not gone, per se, but it’s been hijacked at its highest levels by RINOs — political pimps for the Donor Class who don’t care two whits about you.

So rather than getting angry at a president who still believes in the promises and positions that got him elected — just consider all of the promises he’s already kept — we need to get angry at the betraying RINOs.

If they are so beholden to the Donor Class, let them go work for the Donor Class.

The primary season is coming. There will be more afterward. We won’t take back our Republican Party in one or two or three election cycles but we can take it back if we stop believing that RINO political pimps who are part of the DC establishment swamp the president is trying to drain are going to suddenly wake up some morning and start giving a damn about us.

They won’t.

So let’s send them packing.

Find out the voting record of your Republican senator and representative. If they vote with you, support them. If they vote with the establishment and Donor Class, support their primary opponent.

We have to begin taking back our Republican Party while we have a president who will deliver — if only he gets enough help from members of his own party in Congress.

That last part is up to us.

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