(National Sentinel) History: Talk radio behemoth Rush Limbaugh took a trip down Memory Lane with his listeners on Wednesday, reminding them that current Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein exonerated Hillary Clinton from scandal involving a land deal known as Whitewater.

As noted by Big League Politics, Rosenstein’s wife also represented then-President Bill Clinton in matters shortly after he cleared Hillary of corruption in the Whitewater affair.

“Rod Rosenstein worked as a Whitewater prosecutor. In this role, he was in charge of the ‘FBI Travel Office’ case, in which it was found that the Clinton White House illegally seized FBI files from White House travel office employees, including the Clintons’ travel director,” the site noted, adding:

Rosenstein interrogated Hillary Clinton on January 14, 1998, and was seen as responsible for clearing her of potential charges in the case. By that time, Rosenstein had already been picked to work for the U.S. Attorney’s office in Maryland in the Clinton administration. When he applied to the Senate to become deputy attorney general, he falsely stated the dates he worked for [Independent Counsel Kenneth] Starr’s team, saying he ended his employment with Starr in 1997.

“Rod Rosenstein, his wife, represented Bill Clinton shortly after Rosenstein cleared Hillary as a prosecutor. Wait a minute. It turns out that Rosenstein worked as a Whitewater prosecutor,” Limbaugh said.

“This guy was on the prosecution team of Whitewater, which of course found the Clintons had done nothing. Rosenstein’s wife then represented Bill Clinton shortly after Rod Rosenstein cleared Hillary from the Whitewater thing,” he added.

“Rosenstein’s wife is Lisa Barsoomian and she then represented then-President Bill Clinton in a 1998-1999 civil case in federal court.”

Rosenstein’s name has also been associated with the Uranium One scandal, in which the Obama administration and then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton approved the sale of 20 percent of all strategic U.S. uranium to Russia.

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