(National Sentinel) America First: Refugee admissions under President Donald J. Trump are set to fall by 77 percent, a massive drop compared to resettlements under his predecessor, President Obama.

The Trump administration had proposed a large 60-percent reduction in refugee admissions from an Obama-era high of 110,000, but preliminary estimates say the number will be even fewer.

Analysts looking into the administration’s latest figures on refugee totals believe just 25,000 a year will be permitted to enter the U.S., the Washington Examiner reported.

“The national quota was lowered drastically by the Trump administration from 2018. His quota is, like, 45,000. Likely by the end of the year the number will be substantially less than even that,” said Don Barnett, a fellow at the Center for Immigration Studies and widely published on refugee resettlement and asylum issues.

During a conference on Tuesday, he said Trump could essentially “zero out” all refugee admissions because the president sets the number.

Barnett added that based on current statistics involving refugee admissions to the U.S., the administration will allow far fewer to enter than the proposed limit of 45,000.

“I personally think it will come in at half that. I think it will come in at 25,000 or so,” said Barnett. “It’s not going to come anywhere near 45,000.”

Around the country, refugee resettlements have been highly controversial, the Washington Examiner reported, noting that communities have to pay about $3,000 each to resettle them. Plus, refugees are automatically eligible for free healthcare and welfare benefits.

In Minnesota, it’s become an election issue, the news site reported.

At the Tuesday conference hosted by the Center for Immigration Studies, Jeff Johnson, a St. Cloud, Minn., city councilman, said local citizens are angered at the number of refugees pouring in.

“This could be the number one issue” in the state and local elections this year, he noted.

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