(National Sentinel) Truth Bomb: A frustrated Lou Dobbs exploded on his Fox Business show Tuesday during an interview with conservative Rep. Ron DeSantis, R-Fla., spewing anger at House Speaker Paul Ryan over a massive spending bill that funds primarily Democratic priorities.

Dobbs asked DeSantis if the House had enough time to consider the $1.3 trillion record-setting spending legislation before passing it ahead of a deadline on Friday when government funding runs out.

“Well, Lou, I mean, I think something will probably pass before that deadline, but I don’t know that it’s going to be a very good product,” he said. “And, how can we keep finding ourselves in these situations where you have a massive bill put together behind closed doors.

“I can tell you,” DeSantis continued, “guys like me, who are just rank-and-file members, we don’t have any concept of what’s in this thing. It’s all being done behind closed doors.”

“Why doesn’t someone tell him to go to hell?” Dobbs responded in anger directed at Ryan, R-Wis. This is an embarrassment. He represents only the US multinational interests on K Street. He doesn’t represent Republican thinking. He’s not a conservative.”

Continuing, Dobbs said, “In my judgment, he’s one of the most erratic people we’ve ever seen in the Speakership… Ryan is serving his masters. No, no, Ryan’s masters are not the taxpayers. They just pay the bills.

“Let’s be clear. It is the Business Roundtable. It is the Chamber of Commerce. It is K-Street. He sold out a long time ago. He sold out the conference. He sold out the Republican Party. He sold out this president. And he would sell out his mother based on his record,” the host fumed.

The spending bill is the largest spending bill in history, aside from President Obama’s $1 trillion-plus stimulus package in 2009. The bill funds Democrat priorities such as Obamacare markets and likely will not include money for President Donald J. Trump’s border wall.


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