An Iranian Emad rocket is launched as it is tested at an undisclosed location October 11, 2015. REUTERS/ via Reuters

(National Sentinel) Banned: Berlin is growing closer to Iran as it pursues a range of anti-Israel policies while Democrats hold up President Donald J. Trump’s pick to be the U.S. ambassador to Germany, the Washington Free Beacon reported, citing multiple administration sources.

That includes selling Iran chemical weapons technology that serves as a direct threat to Israeli security, the news site noted, alarming Trump administration officials.

The site noted further:

As Democrats in Congress continue to hold the nomination of Richard Grenell, a veteran Republican diplomat who was tapped by Trump to serve as the next U.S. ambassador to Germany, the post remains vacant, sparking concerns the United States is ceding leverage amid sensitive discussions regarding the future of the landmark Iran nuclear deal.

It is believed that Trump’s decision to sack former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson was tied to his support for the Iran nuclear deal, which Trump has repeatedly criticized.

“The vacancy also has left the United States with little voice to combat a series of anti-Israel efforts being pursued by the German government,” the news site reported.

“Trump administration insiders are becoming increasingly fed-up with the block on Grenell, telling the Free Beacon that U.S. diplomats currently helming the post have been bungling critical national security priorities, including the Iran portfolio and recent efforts by Germany to sell Tehran sensitive equipment used by the Bashar al-Assad regime in Syria to produce chemical weapons,” the site added.


Sources said that Grennell’s absence comes at a critical time, as the administration pushes its European allies — including Germany — to agree to a set of changes to the Iran deal or watch Trump scrap it by May.

With negotiations continuing, administration insiders said that Germany is a principal roadblock in these discussions, the news site reported.

“The Germans have become key facilitators for Iran’s dual use material and technology imports,” one Trump administration insider who works closely with the White House on Iran issues told the WFB. “These are goods that ostensibly look civilian but can be used to help Iran advance its missile and nuclear programs.”

“In talks with American negotiators, Germany has made it clear it does not believe Iran’s missiles should be subject to a snapback of sanctions waived by the nuclear deal,” the source added.

“Instead, the Germans say the West should simply keep waiving sanctions and offer to negotiate with Iran on its missile program by offering the regime more economic incentives in exchange for JCPOA-like concessions on missiles.”

Berlin’s position is exacerbating an already tense diplomatic situation that is made worse by the fact that the U.S. does not have an ambassador in Berlin — thanks to stalling tactics by Democrats in the Senate.

“At a time like this, we need a strong-willed, pro-Israel American ambassador in Berlin,” a source told the news site. “That man in Rick Grenell.  The sooner he hits the ground, the sooner we start taking it to the Germans for dragging their feet on Iranian missiles.”

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