(National Sentinel) Unsocial Media: As you may know, the social media giants like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google have all implemented new “algorithms” and policies to censor conservative, libertarian, and pro-Trump voices in online media that don’t comport to their Left-wing agenda, which is likely why scores of our followers don’t see as many of our stories on their pages as they otherwise might.

While Facebook is under attack from the Left, ironically, today, that won’t last. There may be some regulation of social media eventually but you can bet that the Left — which believes it owns social media — will still be making the rules.

Meantime, Facebook, Google, and the others believe they are punishing us, but really, the social media giants are punishing you.

We want to help you avoid this blatant censorship, but we need just a bit of help from you, our loyal readers and followers.

If you’re already someone who “likes” our Facebook page, that isn’t enough — though we certainly appreciate it! Here’s what you can do to make that “like” better for you, better for us, and not so good for Facebook censors:

  1. “Like” the page (if you haven’t already)
  2. Comment on as many posts as you can; this helps raise the post’s level of interaction and popularity, which gets it seen by more people.
  3. On our Facebook page, under the “Following” tab (top center-left on our page) is a drop-down menu; click “Following” then click “See First”, as in the graphic below:

Doing that will ensure that our content sits high atop your news feed, meaning you’ll miss fewer stories.

4. Share our stories as much as possible, and cross-post them to related pages that you have also “liked.” This helps a lot as well.

5. Follow us on alternative social media, like Gab — click here to join and follow us (Gab is ad-free and censorship-free)

6. Importantly, consider joining our email list, which we usually send out just once per day unless there is a huge breaking story we think you need to know about. [Our list isn’t for sale, is completely private, and will ensure you never miss a single story.]

7. Bookmark our homepage and check back with us throughout the day; we update stories at least twice!

That’s it! Now you can follow us better and get around the social media censorship of The National Sentinel.

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