(National Sentinel) Tick-toc: Fox News host Sean Hannity told the network’s “Fox & Friends” morning show Monday that he believes recently-fired FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe will soon face criminal charges.

“If I had to…suspect you are going to see criminal charges against Andrew McCabe. And I would also argue that it’s going to go a lot deeper,” Hannity said.

“Look, we have spent, as a country, almost a year looking at Trump, Russia, collusion, some people have even looked into that longer. We’ve seen Devin Nunes’s committee said no evidence of collusion. And even Adam Schill admits… there really wasn’t evidence of collusion,” he continued.

By comparison, Hannity noted, “we do have, at the upper levels of the FBI and Department of Justice, serious issues, crimes that really need to be investigated.”

Hannity mentioned fired FBI Director James Comey, who is releasing a book next month that allegedly lays out details of his time at the bureau and his interactions with Trump.

He said Comey will have to explain, among other things, why he told Trump during a January 2017 meeting at Trump Tower about the salacious “Russia dossier” but failed to mention it was used by the FBI and Justice Department just three months earlier to secure a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court warrant to spy on Trump campaign official Carter Page.

Hannity also said Comey will likely face new questions regarding the FBI’s investigation of Hillary Clinton’s mishandling of classified emails and why there was never a grand jury convened during that probe so that agents and prosecutors would be able to issue warrants and subpoenas for evidence.


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