(National Sentinel) Guns: A group of Connecticut parents upset by a local high school’s decision to allow students to walk out as part of a nationwide protest for tougher gun control say that was a violation of the law and have hired legal counsel.

In an email to Breitbart News, the New Milford, Conn., parents — who wish to remain anonymous for now — argued that while the walkout, may have been in the spirit of the First Amendment’s right to honor students recently murdered during a Feb. 14 mass shooting at a Parkland, Fla., school, the decision actually involves issues concerning “adherence to law and policy, the manipulation of minors, the misuse of tax dollars, and indoctrination and political activism during school hours.”

Specifically, parents are concerned that the student walkouts were organized by the Women’s March, an anti-Trump group that has ties to radical anti-Semites including Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan.

In an interview with Breitbart News, the parents’ attorney, Deborah Stevenson, who has expertise in constitutional and education law, said she sent a letter to the New Milford Board of Education, superintendent Joshua D. Smith, and New Milford High School principal Greg P. Shugrue discussing concerns about the walkout.

“My clients have asked me to notify you that this event violates state law, on the basis that state and local public funds are being used improperly to advocate for a political issue and to influence how voters will vote,” she wrote in her March 12 letter, according to Breitbart News, which obtained a copy.

“Because it violates state law, we demand that the New Milford Public School District’s Superintendent and Board of Education immediately cancel the event, and rescind any association or prior involvement in it,” she continued.


Stevenson noted that in addition to the other groups, “the event is promoted by the Action Network, which touts itself as ‘an open platform that empowers individuals and groups to organize for progressive causes.’”

“Thus, it is promoting the event for partisan political purposes, to influence voters to one side of an issue currently before members of the public,” she wrote.

“This event is not simply a ‘student-initiated remembrance.’ It is an event aimed at engaging students in a political ‘movement’ to affect ‘change’ and to encourage them to vote for that ‘change.’”

In response, Michael P. McKeon, attorney for the school district, wrote that was made available to Breitbart News, that the school board “has absolutely no connection with” the Women’s March Network and the Action Network, Breitbart News reported.

“To the extent that either group has referenced the New Milford Public Schools on their websites or in any other manner, that is neither at the behest of nor with the consent of the Board,” McKeon argued, as reported by the news site.

Stevenson said that McKeon’s insistence that the protest wasn’t politically motivated “defies logic.” She added that Connecticut, and most likely other states, has statutes pertaining to the use of taxpayer dollars to fund political protests.

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