(National Sentinel) Threats: The head of a Los Angeles investment firm is urging people to flood the streets of West L.A. this week to block President Donald J. Trump’s motorcade as he travels to a high-end fundraiser during his first visit to California since taking office.

The president is traveling to southern California initially to inspect eight border wall prototypes on Tuesday, but plans to attend the fundraiser afterward.

However,  Ross Gerber, the CEO of Gerber Kawasaki Wealth and Investment Management, is calling on protesters to block President Trump’s motorcade by shut dowing the streets of Los Angeles, The Gateway Pundit reported.

“Alright LA friends. It has come to my attention that Trump is coming to our hood this week. He will be in West LA Tuesday or Wednesday night for a fundraiser. We have to give him the welcome he deserves. Let’s shut down the streets. We must PROTEST!” Gerber tweeted Sunday.

Then, Gerber threatened to crash the fundraising event, in what some are suggesting is a clear threat to the president.

“Trump will be in San Diego working on his wall and west LA getting money from scumbags. We will find out who is doing the fundraiser and we will be there. I bet Tom Barrack and his fraud company Colony are hosting. I’ll find out where he lives. Come join me,” Gerber tweeted.

The Los Angeles Times published details of the fundraiser:

President Trump will headline a high-dollar fundraiser for his reelection campaign when he visits California next week for the first time in his presidency, according to an invitation obtained by The Times.

Donors will contribute up to $250,000 each to Trump’s campaign and various Republican National Committee accounts to attend the Tuesday evening event at an undisclosed location in Beverly Hills.

The fundraiser is being hosted by Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel, national finance chairman Todd Ricketts and deputy national finance chairman Elliott Broidy.

Investigative journalist Mike Cernovich tweeted out that stopping a presidential motorcade “is a crime.”

Also, in response to Gerber’s “unhinged,” tweets, Security Studies Group president Jim Hanson pointed out “[s]topping his motorcade puts [Trump] at risk.”

“Someone should check on this guy,” Hanson suggested to the Secret Service’s Twitter account.

In a now-deleted tweet, Gerber called Trump “the devil.”

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