(National Sentinel) Deep State: Careerists in the FBI and Justice Department pushed back hard against congressional investigators for months trying to hide the fact that the Hillary Clinton campaign and Democratic National Committee paid for the infamous and unsubstantiated “Trump dossier,” according to House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes.

The California Republican joined Fox Business‘ Lou Dobbs Wednesday evening to discuss the unprecedented pushback from Deep State operatives against a congressional intelligence committee that has oversight over elements of both the DoJ and FBI.

“We had a pretty good idea that the dossier was connected to the Clinton campaign because…who else would get that kind of dirt? And it was so outrageous anybody at first glance would look at that and just reject it out of hand because nobody is going to give any American 19 percent of the Russian gas company,” Nunes explained.

“It would be worth billions and billions of dollars. So just on the face of it, it looks totally phony,” he continued.

“But I will tell you what did amaze us was the fight that the FBI and DOJ knew about it because they told us otherwise and the fight that they put up in order for us not to find the truth,” he said.

“We had to eventually, as you know, take Fusion GPS to court in order to get their bank records so we could figure out who in fact was paying them to put together the dossier.”

The dossier was commissioned by political opposition research firm Fusion GPS. Payment for the dossier, which was compiled by former British spy Christopher Steele, was made through high-powered law firm Perkins Coie, to give the Clinton campaign and the DNC some separation from the document itself.

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