(National Sentinel) Alt-Left: A group calling itself the Communist Revolutionary Student Front has defaced a monument on the campus of the University of Texas, while calling for widespread violence on International Women’s Day.

Claiming the “necessity of organizing women for revolutionary violence,” members of the group spray-painted the Communist hammer and sickle on a fountain while dying the water red to represent blood.

“This is the blood of survivors that UT ignores,” the haphazardly written graffiti said.

The group tweeted out photos of the vandalism Thursday morning, along with the call for violence.

“The blood of women & all survivors flow from the fountains of UT. On International Working Women’s Day, we must stress the necessity of organizing women for revolutionary violence against the capitalist institutions that uphold patriarchy & protect abusers like Richard Morrisett,” the tweet stated.


The group has also called for women to be armed on an event page on Facebook so they can “strike terror into the heart of abusers,” which seems to advocate for domestic terrorism.

“This struggle, called proletarian feminism, can mean nothing other than a movement to cultivate the women of the masses undergoing radical transformation to become trained & armed revolutionary soldier-politicians and leaders who have reclaimed revolutionary violence and strike terror into the heart of abusers and exploiters everywhere, aiming for nothing short of the destruction of the irrevocably patriarchal capitalist class,” it reads.

Meanwhile, conservatives on Facebook and Twitter who have never advocated violence are being threatened with censorship and banned.

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