(National Sentinel) Hypocrisy: Former first daughter Chelsea Clinton told late-night TV host Steven Colbert that current first daughter Ivanka Trump is fair game for criticism after previously defending her.

The Hill reported that Clinton said anyone who actually works for the president should be open to scrutiny.

“I think anyone who works for the president,” Clinton said during a Monday “Late Show” appearance, “should expect to be scrutinized for whatever decisions not only he or she is making, but whatever decisions the White House is making on any given day.”

Last month, Ivanka Trump chaffed at the media when she was asked during the Olympics about alleged sexual improprieties involving her father, which she called “inappropriate.”

“I don’t think that’s a question you would ask many other daughters. I believe my father, I know my father, so I think I have that right as a daughter to believe my father,” Ivanka Trump told NBC’s Peter Alexander.

The network took heat for the question as critics pointed out that Chelsea Clinton has never been asked publicly by the media about her own father’s documented sexual trysts and allegations of sexual abuse and even rape.

Clinton has in the past defended former first children, including 11-year-old Barron Trump. And in December, both she and Ivanka came to the defense of former President Obama’s daughter, Malia, following tabloid reports about her time at Harvard University, The Hill noted.

Colbert asked Clinton if she and Ivanka had spoken recently.

“I have not spoken to her in a long time,” Clinton replied, adding that “it’s clear though that she has supported policies and decisions that I don’t agree with.”

In a 2016 interview with Fox News, Ivanka Trump, 36, called Clinton a “great friend.”

“We’re not the candidates,” Trump said at the time. “We’re the children of the candidates. We’ve stayed close to one another, maybe a little less publicly so, but she’s a good friend. We support each other.”

Critics chided Clinton for her change of heart.

“What utter hypocrisy,” said J. D. Heyes, editor-in-chief of The National Sentinel. “I’m quite certain that Ivanka Trump was not a fan of all of Obama’s policies or of Bill Clinton’s — and certainly not the latter’s personal behavior. But she had the grace and decency to remain a friend to Chelsea anyway.

“I guess only Democrats get to decide what is and is not appropriate behavior and treatment of first children,” he added.

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